New Month New Goals: Month by Month Planning for An Amazing 2022

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OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW! Imagine yelling this into a megaphone. Just then, a delivery truck pulls up with your gorgeous new purchase.

New is so exciting (in many cases). New house, new car, new baby. A new month with new goals hopefully feels the same way for you. It is a great time to experience a brand new start.

Understandably, new beginnings can be somewhat frightening too. All kinds of fears come up as we face the unknown. You may wonder just how do you set new goals for a new month?

month by month planning for an amazing year
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I will tell you how to make the most of each month! Start by planning ahead. A great plan separates your success from failure.

Kick-off your fresh start and grab your free inspirational new month new goals planner.

Here are some ideas for personal and professional monthly goals to get you started.

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January New Month New Goals

The first month of the new year is a great time to work on wholeness and unity.

Take note of the areas in your life in which you lack fulfillment and peace. Are you holding on to stuff that is no longer compatible with who you are today?

What are you missing? You deserve to feel whole, complete. Work to repair broken relationships (those that are healthy and worthy of fixing).

It helps to build on a solid foundation. So set the stage for the coming months.

set goals that align with your values


  • Personal- Iron out your values (they may change as we mature). Congruent Life & Leadership Mastermind will help you identify what makes you, you. Examine your principles in all life areas.

It is empowering to be aware of your beliefs. Are your actions in line with what you believe?

  • Professional- Try your best not to gossip at work; It is divisive. Who knows you may be separating yourself from someone who will support you in completing your next assignment.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Are you a team player? You can get more done and go further with a team.

February New Month New Goals

Be sure to keep your traction this month. We all go through trials and tests. So, you may feel division or opposition when trying to shift or make a change.

Times and seasons change. Keep being awesome people will adjust to the new you. Be intentional and choose to look at all your incredible strengths.

new month new goals pink

  • Personal- Break stale routines. Part with old things/habits that no longer serve their purpose. Get rid of what is not working and keep what is working.
  • Professional- Take a vacation. It does not have to be far in fact you can vacation on your couch. But if you do decide to venture away from home you may get an awesome deal on travel and accommodations this time of the year.

March New Month New Goals

Look to make happy new connections with others in the month of March. Good friends keep you balanced. But don’t forget to invest in yourself. Your mental health matters.

What we think about throughout the day impacts every area of our lives. The great thing is we get to decide what we think about.

Meditate on some truths about yourself. Recall what you would identify as your ‘true north’. I like to think of it as truth north. What truths are guiding you?

  • Personal- Declare over yourself- I am loved. I am never alone. I receive perfect peace.

  • Professional- Declare over yourself- The works of my hands are established. I have talents worthy of investment. I receive prosperity.

Up to this point, you have worked on wholeness and unity, felt divided or faced opposition, and learned the truth about yourself. This is a reminder for you to rest.

Our sleep is so important. It restores you; it is a time for healing. Prioritize it so that you have the strength to get your work done.

rest then set new goals


April New Month New Goals

Now is the time to get moving. Find inspiration and be creative this month. What do people compliment you on?

What are your passions? Pursue them. There is a good chance it is one of your giftings and a place in which you will excel.

Try something new. Show up in a way that is fit for where you aspire to be.

  • Personal- Add a new healthy food item to your grocery list. Try your hand at making something tasty. Do something different with your hair. Buy yourself a new outfit (a style you normally don’t go for).

  • Professional- Sign up for a painting or ceramics class. What you learn from the class can be turned into a template and sold for some cash.

Create a new product or service. It is so exciting to design a new item or program.

(Don’t forget to calculate and file your taxes this month)

May New Month New Goals


new month resolutions

May is a beautiful time to show generosity. Blessings are meant to be shared.

The more you put yourself out there, the more people you will come across. So as your social network expands, spread kindness.

Be quick to forgive others. We want the same in return. No one is perfect. Therefore, show yourself and others grace.

  • Personal- Forgive yourself. There will be times when you miss the mark. Have you wronged someone else? As hard as it may be, apologize when it is called for.

  • Professional- Do some volunteer work. You could do a few hours of free work for a friend. Go out on a limb for someone.

June New Month New Goals

This June, try fasting. There are several reasons why someone might fast. People fast along with prayer, as a way to build discipline, or as a sacrifice.

Do you have any experience with fasting? Royal Faith Fast is one of the best resources I have seen. Her prompts are power-packed.

I would love to hear what you think about the book. Let me know in the comments.

Consider a partial fast (restricting some foods), a water-only fast, or a no food no water fast. Be sure to talk with your doctor before fasting.

(Note that you can also fast from other things such as TV)

  • Personal- Choose a type of fast. Doing it alone is a great way to reflect and spend precious time with God. There are times when people fast as a group in a corporate fast. People join to be on one accord, for community, and support.

  • Professional- Fast from the lunchroom a couple days this month. Take a time out and spend it alone. Eating away from the crowd will allow you to focus on prayer or reflection.

July New Month New Goals

Setting goals gives us focus. The month of July is the time to complete the work. We can’t forget about the implementation.

Limit your distractions. Block off time so you can dedicate your attention to your work.

Work toward increasing your productivity. It helps to be organized. Strive to be fully present so that you can satisfy your obligations.

Be on time and complete your tasks promptly. Timing is everything.

productivity workflow

  • Personal- Adopt a project management system. Apps like Monday and Notion can also be used to manage your home life. You can find tons of tutorial videos on YouTube to get you set up.

  • Professional- Complete or perfect your products and services from the previous month of April. Set your price and sale! If you are employed give your employer your best-finished work.

August New Month New Goals

Are your goals new? Whether you rework your aim, start over, or you are starting out, just get started! Grab your free new month new goals planner.

Dare to believe you can! Adopt a new mindset. I promise you it will be life-changing.

The goal is to be healthy and have a sound mind.

Know that you can be happy, courageous, and successful. Look out for the next new opportunities. You absolutely have what it takes.

  • Personal- Write the vision for your future. Make sure you can read it (it is legible) and it is not too wordy. Whether you are in a hurry or returning to it at a later time you want it to make sense.

  • Professional- If you have been doubting going for the new job, stop! Move on it this month. You may not know all the steps but trust the process.

September New Month New Goals

Further develop the network you began building in the months of March and May. Foster the relationships in your life with love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and gentleness.

Display patience in your dealings with others and self-control in your daily life.

A good word shared at the right time literally may save someone’s life.

  • Personal- LOVE the people in your life. Purposely love people. Send someone a card, let them know you are thinking of them.

  • Professional- Extend yourself. Reach out to the new employee. Or show kindness to a co-worker you find hard to deal with.

October New Month New Goals

Take and review your responsibilities this month. Are you clear, what exactly are your duties? Be familiar with the laws surrounding your affairs.

You definitely want to be compliant to avoid fines and penalties. Create a system to keep your records. Who do you report to?

  • Personal- Consider joining an accountability group. You could also start a group of your own. Constructive feedback will aid in improving your performance.

  • Professional- For my fellow bloggers, Lucrezia’s Legal Bundle is a fantastic way to make your site compliant. She offers plug-and-play templates that you can easily personalize.

They are insanely valuable they are and worth every penny. (Plus the bundle comes with some quality bonuses!)

November New Month New Goals

Many of us would like to hide our doubts and fears. The fact is we all have our weaknesses. It is tough to feel vulnerable.

No one can help you with the things you keep in the dark. Do not be trapped in shame or guilt.

Shine a light on those areas of your life by exposing them to someone you trust. You can stay the course and finish strong. Find someone that encourages you and helps you keep the faith.

  • Personal- Look to name your fears. Once you understand the source, plan your attack from all angles (fast, pray, find someone to agree with your victory). You are more than a conqueror.

  • Professional- What work-related areas are you weak in? Ask for additional training or help when needed. 

December New Month New Goals

The last month of the year is a suitable time to review your order of operations. Revamp or create an organizational chart.

On the other hand, if this is all new for you, establish your framework. Take your year in review and build a better approach.

In order to dominate your industry, continue to master your skills. LinkedIn offers excellent courses (and they’re free)!

Work to be seen as the authority in your field. What are you known for?

  • Personal- Invest in a self-growth class. Learn a new skill. Refine your talents.

  • Professional- Review your processes using the method start, stop, continue. What should you start doing? What should you stop doing? What should you continue doing?

New Month New Goals Takeaways 

Grab your free new month new goals planner! Now that you have some ideas for goal setting, get started!

Feel free to work on a goal I have already created for you. Otherwise, use this as a guide to plot out one month at a time or your entire year upfront.

Choose new month goals that get you excited. Goals met can feel like that delivery truck just dropped off your wonderful new purchase.

Be sure to be flexible with your planning. Give yourself permission to readjust, add to something existing, or totally remodel what’s not working.

Having a goal to focus on gives us direction and makes life a little less scary.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments if you have found this helpful. My goal here is to give you monthly motivation.

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