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Mindset is Everything: 7 Tips To Help You Win At Life

As a child, I was able to fly and swim underwater just like a fish. Of course, not really, but those were some of the dreams I remember having as a child. I was definitely not limited by my fears.

Mindset is everything because it’s our reality. It’s not just your conscious thoughts that shape who we are, but also our subconscious minds. All too often we find ourselves afraid to be vulnerable. We are afraid to be seen, take a chance, or experience rejection.

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I am here to say, the risk is worth it! You have tons of talent. In fact, we can do some pretty amazing things when we believe in ourselves.

I will share with you ways to have a successful mindset and get the most out of life. These mindsets tips below will give you the win over negative thoughts and set you on the path to purpose.

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1. Adopt a healthy mindset. Really experience peace and live a life free of fear.

A healthy mindset is one that is well and fit. You could also think of it as a strong mindset. In addition, a healthy mind is free from illness.

If you feel as though you are experiencing a mental illness, please seek help from the appropriate professional or spiritual leader.

So exactly how do you go about adopting a healthy mindset?

healthy mindset

It helps to start by identifying your fears. What exactly triggers your nervousness? Try to name it. Because once it is identified you can come up with a strategic plan to win.

Questions to ask yourself include: What am I thinking about right now that is making me uncomfortable? Has anything changed in my body or my environment to provoke this feeling? What would improve this feeling?

Let’s look at an example. You are a stay-at-home mom. You just got the kids off to school and your husband has left for work. As you go about your daily routine you start to feel uneasy.

A likely answer would be the stay-at-home mom fears being alone. A change has occurred in her environment. In turn, this has caused her mind to come up with worse case scenarios or thinking errors.

thinking errors

Now that your fear is identified. Design a well thought out plan to do some self-monitoring and correcting of unhealthy thought patterns. Check-in with yourself daily or every couple of months for self-monitoring. Read a compelling daily devotional to correct your thought patterns.

Now to replace fear with peace. A great way to really experience peace in your life is to tackle any trust issues you may have. A lack of trust can certainly disturb your peace of mind. To truly believe that things will work out for you takes a bit of trust.

peace dove

Note there is a difference between peace and perfect peace. Your mind stayed on God + trust = perfect peace. That is an awesome promise which cannot be matched by anything you find in this world.

2. Embrace the right mindset. Are you living in the present?

I like to think of this as the right now mindset. Are you mentally present in your everyday interactions? How often are you talking about things that have happened in the past?

Friendly reminder. There is nothing you can do about the past. Not too much you can do about the future either. Yes, of course, plan for your future. Plans and goals give us direction.

right mindset

The point I’m trying to make here is don’t be so consumed with the past or future that you forget to be present in the moment. It is especially important to engage in what is in front of you because that is where you have the greatest impact.

Find something you like about each subject, task, or duty that will help with your engagement. Speak up, share your opinion, join in the conversation. This way it helps you to enjoy the topic and stay involved.

engage join participate

Show up today fully engaged in the task at hand. Give whatever it is your full attention. You just may notice an opportunity or be noticed by an employer. These opportunities may not be otherwise present.

Your mindset is everything. What are you going to do today to stay in the moment? 

3. Ditch the fixed mindset. Open your mind to an ambitious new passion.

ditch the fixed mindset


Does a fixed mindset tend to limit your ability to accept new ideas or changes? Absolutely. It can also lead to low self-esteem, fear of failure, and an overall feeling of helplessness. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

I get it. A fixed mindset believes that you can’t grow beyond your current abilities, that failure is something to be feared and avoided at all costs, or even worse – that success comes from luck. It’s easy to feel stuck in one perspective or think that there’s only one way of doing things.

Try changing your environment it just may spark something incredible within you. Get a new buddy, someone who encourages you to achieve more. Go someplace different, a change of scenery can be very inspiring.

change scenery

I am not saying be gullible. Have the guts to say no when you should. But do be willing to learn and blossom.

It’s super hard to win in life if you are not teachable. Opening your mind will produce a new understanding. The more you understand the further you will climb. It’s time to reach new heights!

4. Take on a positive mindset. Fill your mind with something cheerful.

So, this one is going to take some practice. Who can really be positive all the time? The goal is not to necessarily be positive all the time. But more often than not you can look for and find the bright spot.

positive uplifting thoughts

Here are a few items that may serve as a bright spot throughout your day.

  • The love of Jesus, your family, and friends
  • Joy that is found in children
  • Peace with the idea that all your needs are met
  • Kindness showed to you or that you have shown to another person
  • Your feelings after a recent exchange of gifts
  • Gentleness from your parents or a spouse

To fill your mind with something cheerful will brighten your outlook. Not only that you will rub off on other people. It’s a great way to build a winning team. A successful team is how you go the distance in your business or private life.

Mindset is everything. Sooner or later even on your not so good days, you will be able to readily focus on the positive.

The other side of this is guarding your positive mental attitude. You don’t want to be full of cheer only to be quickly pulled back down by negative self talk or negativity from others. Don’t let people steal your joy with complaining, the latest gossip or news.

positive mindset

5. Cultivate a growth mindset. A vibrant new you awaits.

How much would you enjoy a makeover? Getting your hair and nails done with striking new makeup, all topped off with a stylish new outfit. Cultivating a growth mindset is quite similar, except you are giving yourself the ultimate gift of inner transformation.

A growth mindset helps influence some of our deepest beliefs and values, including those about ourselves. A growth mindset believes it can reach any goal through learning, effort, practice and resilience. Their desire to learn leads to high levels of achievement and a greater sense of free will.

The concept of a growth mindset was coined by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck and colleagues. She describes people with a growth mindset as those who have an openness to learn and develop. Their desire leads to high levels of achievement and a greater sense of free will.

growth mindset

Do you have a growth mindset? Here are some questions to explore your mindset:

  • How do you respond to challenges? Do you embrace or avoid challenges?
  • How do you view obstacles? Do you give up easily or persist in the face of setbacks?
  • Are you willing to put forth the effort? Do you see your efforts as fruitless or a path to mastery?
  • Do you receive criticism well? Do you ignore useful constructive feedback? Are you willing to learn from feedback?
  • How do you view the success of others? Do you feel threatened or inspired by the success of others?

After giving these questions some thought, would you say that you have a growth mindset?

As you foster a personal growth mindset this would be a great opportunity to start journaling. Write down where you are now with your thoughts. Jot down your outlook on your personal and professional life.

Take note of where you dream to be. Include as many details as you can!

When you come back to this page in your journal at a later date you will clearly see just how far you have come! So, find opportunities in each day to be stretched even if it is just a little bit. No growth happens in your comfort zone.

Take a step back to reflect on your successful life experiences, their meaning, and the subsequent lessons learned.

All of this growth will leave you with a winning mindset!

6. Invest in personal development. Carve out time to grow and learn.

This area is extra important. I know we all understand how significant our diet is to our physical health (and our mental health for that matter). The non-food items we feed our minds are super important as well.

invest in personal development

One way to improve the quality of what you allow to fill your mind is through personal development. So, what exactly is personal development? According to Indeed personal development is “the ongoing act of assessing your life goals and values and building your skills and qualities to reach your potential.”

Just to have the potential to do a job is not good enough. There are steps you must take in order to realize your abilities.

So, you absolutely have a hand in creating your win. You get to decide on exciting new ways to polish your abilities. In fact, completely change or renovate your skillset if you so choose.

expand your skillset

A few ways to invest in your personal development include:

  • Education or training- Have you considered going back to school? Is there some additional on-the-job training you can receive to enhance your skills?
  • Mentorship or coaching- A mentor or coach is an awesome way to get a different perspective and receive guidance. Be open to actually paying for their services. A great mentor or coach is priceless.
  • Self-help- Find time to read. Exercise a few times weekly. Both will strengthen your personal development skills.

How much time are you currently investing in your personal development? What is the last lesson you learned through your self-improvement?

Building a strong mind is key to your win. One way to do this is by developing your capabilities and potential. You can find tons of personal development courses online with many of them being free!

personal development courses

Don’t forget, it’s not good enough to only have a positive attitude or practice positive thinking. There is also a need to protect or guard your mind against harmful effects. Setting boundaries are a good way to limit your intake of toxic influences.

Growing and learning is a lifelong process. Maintain your progress by creating healthy habits around what you consume.

Truly, your mindset is everything.

7. Do the hard work

I want to be upfront and say this whole changing your mindset thing is a learning process. Though it is one that you can totally do!

Some of the ideas you have about yourself have been with you for a very long time. So, it will take some deep digging to get to the root of why you think the way you do.

It may require some support. So, reach out to others to help you on this journey. You will be surprised just how many people are rooting for you!

So where do you start? Here is a sample strategy to do the work.


  • Assess your thoughts. Take note of your thought content said another way, what do your thoughts consist of e.g. fears, confidence. You can also ask those close to you what they observe.
  • Identify the thought. Do your thoughts contribute to your wellness?
  • Plan the change you would like to see. Would you like to entertain thoughts that are more open to risk-taking?
  • Intervene. What action will you take to adopt new thought patterns? You can challenge your thoughts with the truth.
  • Evaluate your progress and effectiveness. Have you noticed a change in your thinking? Adjust and find new interventions.

Renovate your mind and transform your life. Start today. The process you adopt will get easier with practice.

After all, Mindset is Everything

If only we thought like our childhood selves today. We would be fearless again. We would entertain some really big dreams.

There’s something to be said about childlike faith. Not exactly knowing how things are going to work out but trusting the process.

mindset is everything

Ok, so we are no longer exactly like that bright-eyed child. I say that small child is still somewhere in all of us! The child that dares to dream and has faith in her abilities. Yet as adults we are better in a position to work our talents and make the most of our lives and opportunities.

That is your key to success!

So be vulnerable. Don’t be afraid to be seen. Take a chance.

Your mindset allows you to see all the ways you can enjoy a life full of wins. Upgrade your mindset today and win back your happiness, self confidence, and success.

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