101 Brilliant Etsy Business Ideas: Make Money Selling These Items

Are you looking for some creative Etsy business ideas? If so, you have come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll discuss 101 top selling items that you can list in your own Etsy shop.

We’ll cover a wide range of great Etsy shop ideas, so there’s something for everyone! Keep reading to get inspired and learn some of the best ways to start growing your business today.

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Why selling on Etsy is a great idea

Etsy got its start as an online marketplace dedicated to handmade crafts and vintage items. And in fact, it’s still the best place to sell custom designs if you create unique products that are hard to find elsewhere.

Today, they’re ideal for a versatile Etsy shop idea in a variety of niche categories. Many sellers have found success on Etsy, making it a good idea for you too.

Their platform also has a built-in audience of millions of potential customers, so you’ll have no trouble getting your products in front of Etsy shoppers who are interested in buying them.

It takes time to generate traffic and interest in a product. However, Etsy does the legwork for you by bringing customers.

Another good reason to sell on Etsy is that it’s easy to use. You can set up your own Etsy store and start selling in just a few minutes.

Etsy takes care of the payment processing for you, so all you have to do is focus on creating and promoting your products.

Finally, Etsy is a great way to make some extra money on the side. If you have a creative hobby that you’re passionate about, Etsy is the perfect platform to turn it into a business.

You can work at your own pace and sell as much or as little as you want.

What makes a good Etsy business idea?

A great Etsy shop idea is creative, profitable, and easy to execute. The idea should also be something that you’re passionate about so that you’ll enjoy working on it day after day.

A creative idea might be… you make and sell custom-designed shoes. Or you might sell vintage finds that you’ve restored yourself.

Creative ideas are unique, so they’ll help you stand out from the crowd and attract attention to your shop.

Creative ideas don’t just have to be physical products they can be digital products as well. A creative digital product might be… you customize a digital template for an offer presentation that is tailored to new realtors.

A profitable Etsy business idea could be… you find antique dishes at thrift stores and resell them at a higher price. Or you might make and sell your own jewelry line.

A profitable digital product might be a blogger starter kit that includes a website theme, a blog planner, and social media post templates.

A profitable idea is something that people are willing to pay for. It likely adds a ton of value to their lives in some way.

An easy-to-execute Etsy business idea could be… you create simple, hand-lettered journals and sell them in your shop as physical or digital downloads.

Or you might sell printable wall art that people can download and print at home.

The perfect Etsy shop idea is something that will check all the boxes of creative, profitable, easy to execute, and also be something that you’re passionate about.

Etsy isn’t just for crafts and physical products

Etsy is also a great platform for selling digital products. If you’re a creative professional, such as a graphic designer, photographer, or web developer, you can sell your digital products on Etsy.

Selling digital products is a great business for Etsy because there is no inventory to manage and you can reach a global audience with your products.

Etsy makes it easy to sell digital products by providing a built-in platform for hosting and delivering your files.

If you’re not sure what kind of Etsy business to start, consider your strengths and interests, and look at what other Etsy sellers are doing. With a little creativity, you can come up with a unique business idea.

101 Etsy business ideas

Starting your own business is an exciting time. There’s a good chance you’ve also felt overwhelmed trying to find the best Etsy shop ideas.

These items are some of the best things new Etsy shop owners can sell to make money.

To make the list easier to navigate, we’ve divided it into physical and digital business ideas. And then we divided those two sections into popular product categories for Etsy shops.

Physical Etsy Business Ideas

Home décor & Living

1. Candles, decorative trays, wax melts.

Check out HiveAndHomeShop for inspiration. Sales 9,045. On Etsy since 2020.

2. Customized tumblers, glass jars, and ornaments.

Check out WellThreadedUS for inspiration. Sales 26,921. On Etsy since 2020.

3. Personalized doormats.

Check out ilovematz for inspiration. Sales 8,361. On Etsy since 2020.

Bath & Beauty

4. Essential oils, whipped body soap, sugar scrubs.

Check out urbll for inspiration. Sales 10,027. On Etsy since 2021.

5. Nail dipping powder, gel polish, manicure sets.

Check out CNDesignerDips for inspiration. Sales 135,996. On Etsy since 2020.

6. Satin hair scrunchies and bonnets.

Check out AQueenzDen for inspiration. Sales 4,984. On Etsy since 2020.

DIY & Craft supplies and tools

7. Punch needle kit, hoops, embroidery floss/thread.

Check out TheCherryBlossomUS for inspiration.

8. Washi tape, craft stamps, paper ephemera.

Check out StickyBeeStationery for inspiration. Sales 33,035. On Etsy since 2021.

9. Yarn and crochet hooks.

Check out YwYCraftsandSupplies for inspiration. Sales 14,005. On Etsy since 2020.

10. Wholesale stickers, car decals, key chains.

Check out SavannahandJamesCo for inspiration. Sales 103,955. On Etsy since 2020.


11. Personalized Bibles, books of the Bible tabs, bookmarks.

Check out ShelovesJesusBM for inspiration. Sales 2,777. On Etsy since 2020.

12. Crucifixes/Crosses, relic rosaries, devotional oils, prayer cards.

Check out DNJC for inspiration. Sales 3,632. On Etsy since 2021.

13. Christian posters, cards, and calendars.

Check out TheChristianPosterCo for inspiration. Sales 2,220. On Etsy since 2020.

Pet Supplies

14. Photoshop customized pet portraits.

Check out VanWoof for inspiration. Sales 15,906. On Etsy since 2020.

15. Pet ID tags and pet ornaments.

Check out TheDoggos for inspiration. Sales 8,179. On Etsy since 2020.

16. Dog collars, bowties, personalized scarfs, and bandanas.

Check out OhBarks for inspiration. Sales 14,178. On Etsy since 2020.


17. Classroom furniture like a bookshelf, toy shelf, and storage bins.

Check out BushAcres for inspiration. Sales 5,034. On Etsy since 2020.

18. Wooden toys like blocks, geoboards, and alphabet tracing boards.

Check out PandaBrothersToys for inspiration. Sales 2,408. On Etsy since 2021.

19. Pens, highlighters, stickers, notebooks, and stationary.

Check out ChocoStationery for inspiration. Sales 1,444. On Etsy since 2021.

Mommy & Parenting

20. Jewelry crafts, building and stacking toys, mess-free paint.

Check out AxelAdventures for inspiration. Sales 8,506. On Etsy since 2020.

21. Personalized backpacks, kid’s aprons, and beach bags.

Check out MTWORLD for inspiration. Sales 3,412. On Etsy since 2021.

22. Baby onesies, baby name signs, personalized gifts for expecting moms.

Check out CottonDoe for inspiration. Sales 6,373. On Etsy since 2021.

Art & Collectables

23. Metal wall art.

Check out BrosWallArtDecors for inspiration. Sales 2,151. On Etsy since 2021.

24. Rare coins and bills.

Check out MoogieCoinNCreations for inspiration. Sales 1,489. On Etsy since 2020.

25. Original paintings.

Check out USpaceArt for inspiration. Sales 1,415. On Etsy since 2020.

Food & Recipe

26. Labels for the pantry, spices, coffee bar, and holiday gifts.

Check out OceanStudioFL for inspiration. Sales 8,807. On Etsy since 2020.

27. Embroidered tea towels for a special occasion or holiday.

Check out FancyStitches4U for inspiration. Sales 2,304. On Etsy since 2020.

28. Table runners, kitchen towels, placemats, baking supplies.

Check out MEEMACo for inspiration. Sales 1,772. On Etsy since 2020.


29. Tee shirts and sweatshirts for every member of the family. Shirts can be for holidays, a cause or movement, or funny.

Check out LevelUpTees for inspiration. Sales 18,659. On Etsy since 2021.

30. Button down flannel shirts and hoodies.

Check out flannelsforever for inspiration. Sales 1,320. On Etsy since 2021.

31. Dresses, cardigans, pants.

Check out PrivateTailor for inspiration. Sales 10,298. On Etsy since 2020.

32. Thrift store vintage clothing mystery boxes.

Check out WildflowerVtgGoods for inspiration. Sales 4,595. On Etsy since 2020.


33. Headbands.

Check out StitchesByPaigeShop for inspiration. Sales 15,242. On Etsy since 2020.

34. Purses, totes, clutches, key purses.

Check out ThreadedPear for inspiration. Sales 17,024. On Etsy since 2021.

35. Custom Embroidered Hats.

Check out ThreadBearEmbCo for inspiration. Sales 4,706. On Etsy since 2020.


36. Table numbers, welcome signs, guest books, menus, and bridal hangers.

Check out TheHoovlerHouse for inspiration. Sales 4,130. On Etsy since 2020.

37. Wedding favors like soap, tea light holders, and key chains.

Check out butterflyyshop for inspiration. Sales 8,387. On Etsy since 2020.

38. Bridal gloves, garters, fans, umbrellas, brooch bouquets, and flower baskets.

Check out FlorisAmorStudio for inspiration. Sales 6,623. On Etsy since 2021.

39. Personalized ring boxes, bridesmaid pajamas, and robes.

Check out CamelliaAndLove for inspiration. Sales 92,684. On Etsy since 2020.

Party & Celebrations

40. Balloon garland, balloon letter and number signs, and balloon decoration arrangements.

Check out LPFDecor for inspiration. Sales 18,428. On Etsy since 2021.

41. Personalized bachelorette slippers, hats, socks, cups, beach bags, and swimsuits.

Check out SistersGShop for inspiration. Sales 2,534. On Etsy since 2022.

42. Playdough kits or sensory bin toys.

Check out JalliePlayCo for inspiration. Sales 11,528. On Etsy since 2020.

43. Custom banners, graduation or football yard signs, and tablecloths for advertising.

Check out BigAppleImprints for inspiration. Sales 11,965. On Etsy since 2020.


44. Personalized earrings, necklaces, and rings.

Check out ShiningSilverCo for inspiration. Sales 1,940. On Etsy since 2022.

45. Crystal rings or gemstone necklaces.

Check out WaterRok for inspiration. Sales 53,822. On Etsy since 2020.

46. Handmade watch bands, bracelets, and bangles.

Check out AshleyHandmadeDesign for inspiration. Sales 15,067. On Etsy since 2020.

Digital Etsy Business Ideas

Home decor & Living

47. Printable home organization labels for spices, soaps, perfume, coffee, or tea.

Check out GrowingYourCraft for inspiration. Sales 6,361. On Etsy since 2020.

48. Printable work from the home planner, weekly organizer planner, calendar with holidays, habit tracker, and goal planner.

Check out MyLifePlans for inspiration. Sales 38,187. On Etsy since 2021.

49. Paycheck budget, cleaning schedule, or bill calendar as an editable pdf.

Check out BoMiMoDesigns for inspiration. Sales 9,729. On Etsy since 2021.

50. Recipe cards, kitchen conversion cards.

Check out sweetcloudmemory for inspiration. Sales 22,618. On Etsy since 2020.

Beauty & Fashion

51. Makeup training manuals, eyebrow mapping practice sheets, microblading training workbook.

Check out LoveLashesAcademy for inspiration. Sales 1,633. On Etsy since 2020.

52. Lash & nail tech social media templates, printable price lists, and Acuity scheduling templates.

Check out DreamyDigitalsCo for inspiration. Sales 3,421. On Etsy since 2021.

53. Garment measurement guide, pattern grading rules, pattern cards, Procreate fashion brushes.

Check out TheFashionFile for inspiration. Sales 3,588. On Etsy since 2020.

DIY/Craft supplies and tools

54. Printable wallpaper, ephemera, journaling cards.

Check out yanavalliedigitals for inspiration. Sales 1,345. On Etsy since 2021.

55. Procreate lettering bundle, digital paper, and holiday clip art.

Check out Resipaintdesign for inspiration. Sales 1,874. On Etsy since 2022.

56. Printable coloring pages or greeting cards.

Check out Love4Harmony for inspiration. Sales 1,505. On Etsy since 2021.


57. Digital Bible journal, Bible study inserts, or sermon notes.

Check out BiblePaintshop for inspiration. Sales 2,000. On Etsy since 2020.

58. Printable stationary, stickers, or bookmarks for coloring.

Check out EdenDigitalArts for inspiration. Sales 2,111. On Etsy since 2021.

59. Printable Christian line art, Bible verse wall art, Christian nursery wall art.

Check out PrintableTheTruth for inspiration. Sales 946. On Etsy since 2021.


60. Educational posters, learning worksheets, memory flash cards, and chore chart printables.

Check out RikiTikiArt for inspiration. Sales 56,539. On Etsy since 2020.

61. Binder covers, classroom labels, desk name tags, and classroom calendars.

Check out classroomHQ for inspiration. Sales 18,005. On Etsy since 2021.

62. Pre-K curriculum, printable diplomas, math worksheets, and holiday activities.

Check out PlayPreK for inspiration. Sales 1,455. On Etsy since 2020.


63. Weekly routine charts, nursey labels, reward chart, tooth fairy receipts.

Check out BloomhousePress for inspiration. Sales 23,856. On Etsy since 2020.

64. Printable paper dolls & dollhouses, pretend-play playsets, and busy books.

Check out KateMadePrintables for inspiration. Sales 2,663. On Etsy since 2020.

65. Kid’s nutrition sheets, nanny logs, reward coupons, self-care activity sheets.

Check out ChartsbyOlivia for inspiration. Sales 4,919. On Etsy since 2021.

Blogging & Small businesses

66. Digital business cards, social media post templates, social media planner, website themes.

Check out MarketingTemplatesCo for inspiration. Sales 23,931. On Etsy since 2020.

67. Product line sheets, Airbnb welcome book, branding kits.

Check out ShopRShop for inspiration. Sales 16,320. On Etsy since 2021.

68. Printable business card templates, product care instruction cards, printable cash envelopes, and thank you cards.

Check out DigitalTemplatePaper for inspiration. Sales 30,880. On Etsy since 2020.

Planner & Templates

69. Printable fitness planner, fitness ebook template, Instagram stories templates for fitness, health services lead magnet template.

Check out FitnessCreatives for inspiration. Sales 987. On Etsy since 2021.

70. Resume templates.

Check out ResuStudio for inspiration. Sales 6,459. On Etsy since 2021.

71. Email marketing templates, content calendar templates, call to action copy templates.

Check out KarlyHocking for inspiration. Sales 2,173. On Etsy since 2020.

72. Digital planners with stickers.

Check out AmethystGarnet for inspiration. Sales 86,730. On Etsy since 2020.

73. Planner packs.

Check out CreativeClaireCo for inspiration. Sales 17,906. On Etsy since 2021.


74. Client intake forms for teeth whiting, LED therapy, and med spa services.

Check out DigitalRobox for inspiration. Sales 2,078. On Etsy since 2021.

75. Fillable forms for therapists like treatment plans, informed consent, progress notes, and mental status exams.

Check out CCDigitalStudios for inspiration. Sales 7,724. On Etsy since 2021.

76. Order forms for t-shirts, invoice templates, and receipt templates.

Check out MindfulPlanningPages for inspiration. Sales 972. On Etsy since 2021.

77. Policies & procedures, scheduling templates, senior care assessment forms, and service agreement forms.

Check out WiseCaregiving for inspiration. Sales 2,959. On Etsy since 2020.

Real Estate

78. Agent bundles that include things like social media templates for listings, printable open house flyers, and digital buyer & seller guides.

Check out SoraCollective for inspiration. Sales 1,087. On Etsy since 2022.

79. Realtor bundles that include things like editable postcards, trusted vendors templates, and just listed flyers.

Check out HustlingBabeToolkit for inspiration. Sales 2,786. On Etsy since 2021.

80. Digital comparable homes templates, open house sign-in sheets, home buying process infographic, digital request for a 5-star review.

Check out AgentsAssemble for inspiration. Sales 3,505. On Etsy since 2020.

Art Prints

81. Vintage printable wall art.

Check out NorthPrints for inspiration. Sales 171,437. On Etsy since 2020.

82. Gallery wall print bundle, 3 piece print set, nursery prints.

Check out SoftNSoft for inspiration. Sales 4,294. On Etsy since 2020.

83. Printable posters, maps, Henri Matisse prints.

Check out TheArtable for inspiration. Sales 3,728. On Etsy since 2020.

Self-Care & Personal development

84. Digital self-care planners, undated GoodNotes planners, digital page inserts, period trackers.

Check out LetsPlanPlanners for inspiration. Sales 5,607. On Etsy since 2021.

85. Printable journal prompts, anxiety workbooks, boundaries worksheets, 30-day self-love challenge.

Check out emotionalhealthshop for inspiration. Sales 1,649. On Etsy since 2021.

86. Done-for-you mini-course on confidence, social media posts of self-care quotes, scripts for coaches.

Check out SoulfulCoachCo for inspiration. Sales 1,495. On Etsy since 2021.

Digital Products

87. Tables & spreadsheets.

Check out CoProducts for inspiration. Sales 2,057. On Etsy since 2022.

88. Clipart.

Check out JuliaDreamsCo for inspiration. Sales 20,730. On Etsy since 2020.

89. Printables.

Check out PinkMousePlannerShop for inspiration. Sales 2,418. On Etsy since 2020.

90. Lightroom presets and overlays.

Check out CCpreset for inspiration. Sales 29,890. On Etsy since 2020.

91. Fonts.

Check out vultype for inspiration. Sales 7,236. On Etsy since 2020.

92. Course creator bundles with webinar slide decks, welcome packets, and a sales page.

Check out JuliaOnPurpose for inspiration. Sales 6,052. On Etsy since 2020.

93. SVG vectors.

Check out SvgVectorMonster for inspiration. Sales 43,736. On Etsy since 2020.


94. Printable wine bottle labels, napkin bands, address labels, welcome signs, and wedding invitations.

Check out TheHappyTroveDigitCo for inspiration. Sales 12,052. On Etsy since 2020.

95. Baptisms invitations, seating charts, save the date templates, wedding programs.

Check out Paperealities for inspiration. Sales 13,066. On Etsy since 2020.

96. Wedding reception bundles with menu templates, welcome signs, drinks menu signs, and thank you cards.

Check out DgtStudioDesigns for inspiration. Sales 1,314. On Etsy since 2022.


97. Invitations for kid’s parties, holiday parties, brunch, or milestones.

Check out DigitalbyTinaShop for inspiration. Sales 7,771. On Etsy since 2021.

98. Digital party invite, printable gift tags, games, cupcake toppers, photo booth props.

Check out EzyPartyPrints for inspiration. Sales 9,715. On Etsy since 2020.

99. Printable bachelorette games, party quizzes, Christmas games, baby shower games.

Check out QuizzleDesigns for inspiration. Sales 12,563. On Etsy since 2020.

100. Editable templates for potato chip bags, candy bars, juice pouches, & water bottles.

Check out DigitalMorphs for inspiration. Sales 1,423. On Etsy since 2021.


101. Funeral signs, funeral programs, funeral posters, funeral prayer cards, share a memory card, and funeral bookmarks.

Check out LovingMemoryPrints for inspiration. Sales 4,107. On Etsy since 2020.

Starting an Etsy shop checklist (PDF)

Now that your creative juices are flowing and you have some ideas about the popular items that sell on Etsy. It’s time to start thinking about how to get your Etsy shop up and running.

Here’s a quick checklist or download the PDF of everything you need before you launch:

1. First, be sure what you’re selling isn’t prohibited on Etsy

2. Create an Etsy account and get 40 FREE listings

  • Select your shop language, country, and currency, then click Save and continue
  • Choose your shop name, then click Save and continue

3. Add a product to your shop

4. Set up your payment and billing details. And connect your bank to your Etsy shop. Decide if you’ll accept Etsy payments.

5. Set up your storefront

  • Brand your store by uploading your shop banner and logo
  • Share the story behind your shop in the about section

6. Add more listings to your shop. Check out the best practices for listing products below:

7. Come up with a strategy market and promote your shop

8. Start selling and providing great customer service

9. Grow your business with the ultimate Etsy guide

Note: Complete the of opening your shop on a desktop web browser. And remember to follow any business laws that apply in your area. For example, registering your business as a legal entity and following applicable tax laws.

How much does it cost to start an Etsy shop?

The cost of starting and operating an Etsy shop is free. Here’s a quick glance at the costs:

There are three selling expenses: a listing fee, a transaction fee, and a payment processing fee. In addition, to an advertising fee for sales that come from Offsite Ads.

It costs $0.20 to publish a listing on the marketplace. A listing lasts for four months or until the item is sold. Once an item sells, there is a 6.5% transaction fee on the sale price (including the shipping price you set).

If you accept payments through Etsy Payments, they also collect a 3% + $0.25 payment processing fee when an item is sold.

You pay an advertising fee on any sales you make from Offsite Ads. Participation is based on the number of sales per month.

Etsy business ideas takeaway

Starting an Etsy shop is a great way to be creative and make some extra income. And there are tons of different things you can sell.

This list isn’t exhaustive. You can still find some of the top sellers listing popular products like face masks, phone cases, and raw materials like beads for diy projects.

Go back through the popular Etsy shop ideas listed above whenever you need some inspiration.

You can find everything from handmade items to digital prints to party supplies. Whatever you’re interested in selling, there’s sure to be a market for it on Etsy.

Now that you have some ideas and a shop checklist, it’s time to get started. Go forth to create beautiful things to sell!

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